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Digital home of Darko Krstevski, versatile brand and graphic designer.


I’m Darko. A designer…


… who directs

I’ve run branding and rebranding projects. Helped companies start-up and grow. Built online style guides and established branding guidelines. Created and executed campaigns. Armed with a strategic vision and awareness for international context I always try to convincingly and consistently tell the company's story. On and offline.


… who crafts

I do often get obsessed with all the little details. Be that the number of anchor points on a logo, type selection and pairing, kerning, little emboss or foil delight on print piece, or micro interaction on screen. Clients and visitors always appreciate and recognize the care that went into a project. Pure crafts fuel.


… who writes

Not that it’s only unhelpful, but ‘Lorim Ipsum‘ creates even more confusion. Good design very often goes side by side with good copy. Further, a brand’s style comes equally from the way it sounds as it’s from the way it looks.
With varying levels of success I’ve done micro copy on wireframes, pitch presentation, guidelines, house styles, storytelling, blog posts. Copy bonanza.


… and occasionally jokes

Colleagues and clients say that I’m stoic. And I try to carry light hearted spirit through the day. Pinch of sarcasm here and nerdy pun there always go a long way. I’m not crazy about emojis but my gif game is pretty rad.


And here’s my work


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